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Finegreen at the Fulcrum Partnership's third colloquium tonight!

News   •   Feb 25, 2016 12:00 GMT

Some of the senior Finegreen team are down in London today, attending (and sponsoring) Fulcrum Partnership’s third colloquium.

Held in association with the innovative thought leadership organisation Terrafiniti, the event is themed around “Towards 9 billion”, with a focus on the future and notably how do we create the conditions whereby we welcome, rather than fear, 9 billion humans and enable them to build stable and meaningful lives for themselves and their children?

Professor Mervyn E. King, Chair of the IIRC and Fulcrum Member, will be  opening the evening, to acknowledge the opportunity this event creates to contribute to this important agenda.

If attending also, we look forward to seeing you there and if you'd like more information about Fulcrum's future networking events, please email Finegreen Chief Executive Neil Fineberg.

Optimism is a strategy for making a better future. Because unless you believe that the future can be better, you are unlikely to step up and take responsibility for making it so."

Noam Chomsky

About Fulcrum

Founded in 2011 by Mitzi Wyman, with the support of Jim Clifford OBE, Fulcrum is a network that brings together a community of leaders with influence across health, social care, education, the arts and increasingly business. Its gatherings combine conversation, topical debate and inspiration focusing on the challenges leaders face and how they can continue to be their authentic selves amidst the maelstrom that is public service. Fulcrum’s creativity is carried into the world by:

  • re-energising its members
  • their carrying its ideas into their worlds to increase the impact of their caring
  • the free gift of ideas for the greater good

About Terrafiniti

Terrafiniti is a family business, a thought leadership and consulting company with a global reach and an outstanding track record in innovation and best practice, helping organisations understand and overcome the challenges of sustainability in ways that create value and manage risk. Terrafiniti’s R&D and innovation initiative, Towards 9 Billion, regularly produces big, hopeful and playful ideas for a sustainable future.